ISB Leadership – Career Orientation Program by UEH-ISB aims to add practical values ​​to students’ Bachelor’s degree through rewarding and recognizing soft skills accumulated in the process of socializing, practical training in addition to their academic performance.

The ISB Leadership Program, which is recognized by industry partners, will provide students with career opportunities in the future.

ISB Leadership Career Program helps students enhance competitive advantage by encouraging them to participate in extracurricular activities and developing – equipping themselves with soft skills and experiences to meet employer requirements.

Students will have opportunities to participate in A series of career orientation – soft skills seminars through extracurricular classes and activities. All student achievements will be recorded and evaluated at the end of each school year.

Hướng nghiệp ISB Leadership


Level 1: Orientation

  • Get familiar with the university environment
  • Building a positive attitude
  • Determine goals, dream career paths

Level 2: Discover potentials

Developing soft skills such as:

  • Communication skills (Speaking and Listening)
  • Time-management skills
  • Adaptability skills (creative thinking and problem solving)
  • Teamwork skills (Communication, negotiation, and teamwork)
  • Ability to influence (Organization and Leadership)

Level 3: Demonstrating Bravery

  • Enhance professional knowledge
  • Challenge yourself in academic competitions
  • Contribute to the development of UEH-ISB

Level 4: Prepare for future careers

  • Improving job application skills
  • Participate in internships in businesses
  • Completion of Bachelor’s degree

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