ISB is currently affiliated with more than 23 business partners known as large corporations and multinational companies. Besides teaching activities, ISB is considered as a bridge between business partners and students.

This connection helps ISB students quickly access practice and learn how companies operate through seminars, company tours, etc. 

In addition, ISB focuses on the internship and recruitment programs to bring career opportunities and career orientation to students. Thereby, business partners can also access potential human resources.

On top of that, ISB uses sponsorship activities to make a tighter relationship between students and businesses.


ISB always aims at creating a dynamic learning environment for talented students through academic and extracurricular activities. (See more)


The updated recruitment activities from businesses will be always on ISB online and offline channels. (See more)


ISB currently has a tight relationship with over 23 large corporations and multinational companies. (See more)


To make sure students acquire all the needed skills for their future career path, ISB cooperates with businesses to organize a series of practical activities for students. (See more)