International School of Business (ISB) has always tried to become one of the leading economics schools in Vietnam and also in the region, creating a breakthrough in mindset and human resources ability, to be ready to explore every aspect of the business world.

In 2010

ISB was established with the aim to develop an sustainable international education system from the undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD programs, along with a team of high-quality – experienced faculty in Vietnam and around the world.

In addition, ISB also has a network of prestigious partner universities to support students who have intention to transfer and get the degree from the abroad universities.

In 2018

ISB is proud to receive accreditation from CPA Australia, one of the world’s largest professional organizations in the world, being internationally recognised about accounting, finance and business professionals. This accreditation marks the outstanding development for Bachelor of Business ISB BBus Program.

In 2020

ISB continued to strive for further development in the future to meet the international standards of education, by building a friendly, open and modern environment for all the students.