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Course Overview

Bachelor of Business ISB BBus is a primary program taught entirely in English at ISB.

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As a part of the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH), the International School of Business was established to create a world-class, modern, and dynamic educational environment. Our curricula are continuously updated to meet the demands of employers and the challenges of the global workplace. The teaching method by using case studies helps students to transition theory to practice, thereby acquiring knowledge can be quickly and effectively. In addition, students are allowed to participate in many seminars on different topics to equip and enhance the necessary skills for future careers.

Prof. NGUYEN DONG PHONG – President. University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City


  • Bachelor of Business ISB BBus focuses on the comprehensive student ability in aptitude and creativity enhancement; encourages self-study ability and develops their potential talents.
  • The undergraduate program concentrates on teaching talented students to work for multinational corporations in the world as well as be successful in business in the future.
  • The course structure sets clear objectives to maximize student’s capacity.
  • Students are oriented for future career development through the ISB Leadership Program.
  • The program was accredited by the Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation (FIBAA) and CPA (Australia)
  • Students can choose the transfer & exchange program via the Global Pathways and receive an honorary degree from education partners of ISB around the world.

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ISB offers me an environment to contact communicate and be friends with students who are also from gifted schools such as me. So that it could create more competent environment for me to thrive more and cross my limit more.

Linh Do, 47th Course, Bachelor of Busines ISB BBus


  • ISB has a modern and dynamic educational environment, reach the international standard
  • In 2018, ISB received the certification of CPA Australia – a milestone affirming the outstanding progress of the quality of The Bachelor of Business ISB BBus Program.
  • Lecturers with highly professional and experienced who have studied abroad for many years and lecturers come from prestigious universities around the world.
  • ISB offers a training program entirely in English at undergraduate and postgraduates levels.


  • 100% of admitted students with grade 12 GPA of 8.0 or higher.
  • 80% of admitted students come from high school for the gifted across Vietnam.
  • 80% of admitted students have IELTS band score of 6.5 or higher.

Course Structure

Course structure

  • Year 1: English skills. Background knowledge about Business
    Soft-skills: Learning about yourself and your future careers
  • Year 2: Background knowledge about Business
    Soft-skills: Communication, teamwork, time management
  • Year 3: Specialized knowledge: Management/ Marketing/ Finance/ Accounting/ International Business
    Soft-skills: Critical thinking, Problem-solving, …
  • Year 4: Internship
    Soft skills: Job seeking, Writing CV, Interview skills
English Skills
  • Academic English
  • Business Communications
Foundation Units
  • Mathematics for Business
  • Statistics for Business
  • Principles of Economics
  • Principles of Management
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Principles of Accounting
Core Units
  • Managerial Economics
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Business Law
  • Applied Econometrics
  • Organisational Behavior
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Corporate Finance
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing Research
  • Survey & Multivariate Analysis
  • International Business
Specialized Subjects
  • Three units are required according to chosen major Elective units
  • Two units will be selected from the list of at least 30 courses
  • Final Business Project
Vietnamese Units
  • Principles of Marxism & Leninism
  • Military Education
  • Ho Chi Minh Ideology
  • Physical Education
  • Vietnam Communist Party


The Bachelor of Business ISB BBus Program is taught within 3-5 years including in foundation, core specialized subjects, and final business project in the last years with an internship.


Management Major helps students to have a comprehensive understanding of the business market, which is a prerequisite for taking leadership positions in many fields. After graduating, students have the ability to analyze, critical thinking, and problem-solving real business cases.

International Business

The course is built based on the international educational system, entirely taught 100% English, graduates are always ready with their skills and potential ability to become a skillful leader adapting with the domestic and international business


The Bachelor of Business ISB BBus program in Marketing major will help students accumulate core knowledge in business, in-depth research on Marketing activities, and tools of Marketing. The curriculum aims to equip future employees who can adapt quickly to the dynamic and modern labor market.

Applied Finance

Graduates from Applied Finance major will have adequate knowledge and skills in the Finance field as well as foundation knowledge of the economics market in many industries such as Mathematics, Accounting, Commercial law, and Management.


With accounting major, students are equipped core knowledge in many fields such as mathematics, statistics, finance, commercial law, macroeconomics, microeconomics. After graduating, they have full of knowledge and skills to develop their career including processing, analyzing, comparing, and synthesizing economic data.



Application: From April to July (scheduled time)
Admission: September

Admission requirements

In 2022, ISB offers 550 quota for ISB BBus program and 5 admission methods:

1st method: Direct admission for students meeting the requirements of Ministry of Education and Training.

2nd method: Candidates graduating from foreign high school programs and having international certificates.

3rd method: Excellent students admission.

4th method: Learning process admission through subject combination.

6th method: High school graduation exam results 2021 admission.


  • Application Form.
  • A copy (Notarized) of High School Graduation Certificate or Temporary High School Graduation Certificate (original).
  • A copy (Notarized) of High School transcripts.
  • A copy (Notarized) of University Admission Certificate (if any).
  • A copy (Notarized) of Academic Results (Transcript and Course Outline) if transferred from another school.
  • A copy (Notarized) of the Certificate of English (Academic IELTS / TOEFL)
  • A copy (Notarized) of Birth Certificate or Identity Card or Passport.
  • Three (03) 4 × 6 photos (with full name, date of birth on the back of the photo)
  • Original Health Certificate

Tuition fee

Tuition fee will be adjusted according to the credit. Each credit is 1,685,000 VNĐ for English subjects and VND 940,000 for Vietnamese subjects.

On average, each English unit accounts for 04 credits, and the Vietnamese unit accounts for 03 credits. Students pay tuition based on the number of subjects registered and completed before each semester according to the official information from ISB.

Each year, ISB BBus students with excellent academic achievements will be awarded scholarships worth 150%, 100% and 50% of the annual tuition fee, respectively.

Scholarship Requirements:

  • Students are currently studying at ISB
  • Scholarships are considered based on the average score of the school year and students who do not have any subjects re-take and re-test (average score from high to low and change from year to year)
  • Students have well-behaved, good practice scores and enthusiastic to join in extracurricular activities.

global pathways

Global Pathways is a program based on collaboration between UEH-International School of Business and education parters universities around the world.

The program has a total duration of 3 years and consists of 2 stages: stage 1 – 2 years in Vietnam: Students will be equipped with foundation knowledge and opportunities to further practice their English skill. Stage 2 – 1 year abroad: Students choose 1 of 4 universities and respective majors of each school to transfer to.

academic activities

Besides academic courses, ISB also organizes many academic activities including Seminars related to academics – soft skills, company tours, corporate internships, and exchanges in Europe, America, or Asia to bring ISB students closer to the leading enterprises in Vietnam, as well as developing world-class thinking.

Viện ISB_ hoạt động học tập_01
Seminars for students
Viện ISB_hoạt động học tập
Company Tour at Yakult Factory
Transfer Programs for UEH-ISB Students
Corporate Internships

Career Development

The ISB Leadership Program is jointly organized by ISB to encourage students development and career orientation, create a competitive advantage for themselves as well as get recognition and prestige from partner enterprises when recruiting.

The program is accompanied by students throughout their studies at UEH-ISB, including:

  • Year 1 – Defining goals and career dreams
  • Year 2 – Develop soft skills such as teamwork, influence, …
  • Year 3 – Show your bravery and challenge yourself in academic competitions
  • Year 4 – Prepare for future careers in a business internship, job application development.

Extracurricular activities

Useful extracurricular activities and a place to show the abilities of each student in a powerful way. Sports, Arts, Volunteer Program, Team Building, delegation, and club activities along with cultural exchange programs to help ISB students build a wonderful and experienced student time.

Performance of UEH-ISB Students
Transfer Programs
Vien ISB-hoi thao ISB-min
Sports at UEH-ISB
UEH-ISB Picnics

Our students/ Alumni

Over 11 years of training and development, the Bachelor of Business ISB BBus program has 80% of students currently working in multinational businesses and big corporations in Vietnam. Get more information about sharing of our Students/ Alumni at HERE.

English ability and professional knowledge from the lecturers at ISB are the secret to my success.

Thanh Giang – 40th Course, ISB BBus Alumni

The time studying at ISB gave me the necessary experience and skills.

Quan Tang – 43rd Course, ISB BBus Alumni


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