University of Wollongong, located on the coast of Wollongong, New South Wales, is one of Australia’s most beautiful campuses with modern facilities and sophisticated learning spaces.

University of Wollongong has become the benchmark for Australia’s young universities for its dynamics, innovation and significance in both national and international rankings. Each year, University of Wollongong attracts 35,000 students, in which international students study in Australia accounting for about 23%.


According to QS World University Rankings

  • Top 1% (#212) Best universities in the world (2020).
  • #16 Best young universities in the world (Under 50) (2020).
  • 5* University in research, teaching, outcomes quality, facilities, internationalization, innovation, and comprehensive development (2020).
  • Top 200 universities in the world in Economics, Business – Management and Finance – Accounting (QS World University Rankings, 2019).
  • Top 180 universities in the world in terms of output quality, 89% of students have jobs immediately after graduation (2020).
  • Australia ranks 4th in the Index of Economic Freedom (2020), 6th in the Human Development Report (2019), and 5th in terms of the world’s most liveable country (US New & World Report, 2020).


University of Wollongong is proud to be recognized by world-renowned international business-trade associations and other professional associations in the field of business – trade.

● Business Development Association at University level

● Accounting

● Finance

Đại học Wollongong - Kiểm định Tài chính

● Financial Planning

● Human Resource Management

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● Marketing

  • Public Relations
  • Supply Chain Management